“Good marketing makes the company look smart.

Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Joe Chernov

video marketing

Bland is not a word that is used often in advertising and public relations. Unchanging isn’t something you want from your bottom line and living your life as a VSI (Virtual Social Introvert) is not a good idea if you want to expand your brand. The simple truth is that interactive is where it’s at and the more interactive you are the higher your balance sheet will go. We are Cocoa Productions, the chocolate of the advertising and public relations world. Our services add flavor and no matter how you choose to apply them the result is always good! Like a chocolate fountain or a swirling spoon in a glass of cold milk we mix it up, involve your clients and bring the party to the ball! Let’s be honest; there are few things that chocolate doesn’t improve!

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Video Production

Video is such an intergral part of a strong marketing campaign. If you don’t have quality video explain your product or services then you’re at the right place. Let’s get started!



Now you’ve got some cool videos, provided by none other, but what about using those videos to get more customers. Let us help with ranking your videos.



Intelligent design is in everything we do. We don’t just put a line there or choose a color that’s our fav. It’s all about what would help customers connect with the brand.


Social Media

Don’t run from it, embrace it! Many of our clients don’t really understand how to use social media. That’s where we come in. Let us help set a plan that either you or our team can execute.


Web Development

We don’t protest to specialize in development but that’s actually what makes us so great. We won’t just program a website for you, we create a marketing tool. Much better.

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